April 2010

In a legal precedent which is the first of its kind : Nabil farag gets a ruling to 900 thousand pounds for Hempel company .

Mid-June 2010

The international maritime attorney Nabil Farag gets a ruling of compensation for a company.

October 2011

Mr. Nabil Farag , the Legal Adviser of the Union of Chambers of Shipping , explains the correct legal description of the bill of lading , its legal status , if it a contract of shipping or it is just a receipt of goods and the legal consequences of that .

Week Harvest3


In an event which is the first of its kind : Mr.Nabil Farag won two awards of Distinction in the field of the maritime law, the first is from LAWYERS WORLD MAGAZINE in London and the second from INTERCONTININTAL FINANCE MAGAZINE in USA and in London .

Week Harvest4

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