Charity work

Port Said Lions Club



Nabil Farag Law Firm has been a part of the social work for many years now. It is our duty to make a difference at the society and the environment and as appreciation of the charitable work, and our firm has taken it upon itself to participate in improvement and development of the society and to raise awareness towards the charitable work.

It honors our founder and CEO Dr. Nabil Farag the Chairman of Lions Club International at Port Said alongside to the honorable members’ altogether to contribute at the charitable work.

Port Said Lions Club is affiliated to Lions Clubs International, which is a non-profitable organization that seeks to advance some public benefits at Port Said, Cairo and the other Egyptian cities.

Brief overview of the organization’s work at Port Said:


  • Honoring the heroes and guerrillas of the 1956’s war at the national day of Port Said:

Dr. Nabil Farag, Chairman of Port Said Lions Club, Port Said honoring the 56 Port Said guerrillas heroes who sacrificed themselves to defend the soil of this dear country, on top of whom is the name of the late hero Sayed Asran, the name of the late heroine Zainab Al Kafrawi, the hero Fawzi Abu Al-Taher, the poet Mohamed Abdel Qader and many heroes of the tripartite aggression against Port Said, the speakers and some of the Those who enriched the cultural and societal life in Port Said in the celebration held by the Port Said Lions Club, which was held the day before yesterday at the Helnan Hotel in Port Said, on the Port Said National Day, corresponding to December 23, 1956, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the victory of Port Said in the tripartite aggression against Egypt.

In addition, the Chairman expressed his thanks and appreciation to all and the organization that participated in their efforts in this wonderful event, which had a distinct echo of the Port Said community and beyond, which showed the club in a manner befitting its name. I would like to thank Dr. Mona Al-Shamma, the distinguished journalist, Counsellor. Kamel Al-Husseini, Mrs. Raymonda Hammoud, Mrs. Ghada Radwan, Ms. Rawan, Mrs. Walaa, and everyone who contributed to the success of this ceremony. Greetings and appreciation to all of you.



  • Educational seminar on the occasion of 150-years since the opening of the Suez Canal:

Port Said Lions Club, headed by Dr. Nabil Farag, in cooperation with the Egyptian shooting Club in Port Said, organized a major cultural, artistic and poetic symposium to commemorate Port Said National Day and Victory Day, and on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, in which attended the writer and historian/ Mohamed El Shafei the editor-in-chief of Dar El Hilal, Eng. Mohamed El Sayed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capsi Company, to the tunes of the “Sawt Al-Bahr Sesame” Band, and many heroes of the popular resistance were honored in Port Said. They are the name of the hero/ Sayed Asran, the poet/ Kamel Eid, the poet /Mohamed Abdel-Qader, the name of the fighter/Jasser Al-Shaaer, Mr. Fawzy Abu Taher, the great fighter/ Zainab al-Kafrawi and many of the heroes of the popular resistance. And Dr. Nabil Farag honored the historian/Mohamed El-Shafei, the Eng.Mohamed El-Sayed and Dr. Mohamed Zormba by gifting them the shield of Port Said Lions Club. The symposium was attended by many senior figures of the Port Said community, public figures and the media and writers.

The evening was moderated by the distinguished journalist Mona Al-Shamma and directed by Mr. Tariq Hassan, and the symposium had a great and wonderful impact on the hearts of the attendees and the Port Said community.



  • Honoring ceremony in the memory of the heroic Egyptian soldiers at the 6th of October:

Port Said Lions Club, headed by Dr. Nabil Farag, held a celebration on the occasion of the October victories in Egypt’s public library on Thursday, October 10, 2019 in the presence of a group of club members, intellectuals, media professionals, poets and public figures.

A movie was shown about Port Said during the October War, and then Dr. Nabil Farag The club’s Chairman gave a speech on this glorious anniversary, followed by a speech by Major General/Yusry Emara and Major General/Hussein Khalil about their respective roles during the battle.






  • Participating at the finals of Information League sponsored by AAST and The Ministry of Education.


  • Organizing Clothes donation ceremony and a seminar in the occasion of the holy month Ramadan at the Egyptian Social Club:

Port Said Lions Club, headed by Dr. Nabil Farag the international lawyer, held a religious seminar on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. Clothes were donated to children on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.

In the Egyptian Social Club The ceremony was attended by many public figures and stars of the Port Said community, a number of public figures who provide great services to the Port Said community were honored.

Many public figures who influenced public life intellectually, culturally and socially were honored, headed by Prof. Dr. Sawsan Hibeish the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Solidarity, Dr. Jasser Al-Shaer, Deputy of the Supreme Council of Culture, Dr. Mustafa Khudair Al-Khattat and many public figures.




  • Group Iftar/ fast breaking meal.
  • Attending the International Radio Science Conference:

On Monday, April 15, 2019, the thirty-sixth National Conference of Radio Science was held for the Arab Academy for Technology and Maritime Transport, Port Said branch, in the presence of Port Said residents and members of Port Said Lions Club, headed by the International Maritime Advocate Dr. Nabil Farag.









  • Awarding children playing musical instruments for having the first place at an international contest:

The members of Port Said Lions Club, headed by Dr. Nabil Farag, the club’s Chairman, participated in the official ceremony to honor the “Al-Anamel Al-saghera” band for playing musical instruments from Port Said children who represented Egypt abroad and won first place, which was held on Thursday, March 28, 2019 under the patronage of Major General/ Adel Al-Ghadban Governor of Port Said.

The ceremony included a lecture by Habib Ali Al-Jafri. The ceremony was attended by a group of executive and popular leaders in the governorate. The ceremony was revived by the band of the Specific College of Arab Music, led by Dr. Tafeda Al-Mallah.

  • Organizing a lecture by Habib Ali Al-Jafri.






  • Honoring ceremony to award mothers at the Mother’s Day celebrating:

Under the patronage of Port Said Lions Club as the official sponsor of the celebration headed by Dr. Nabil Farag the club’s Chairman, the official ceremony of Port Said Governorate was held last Wednesday to honor ideal mothers and celebrate the International Day of Women and the Egyptian Family.

Honoring the exemplary mother and the virtuous educator who set the ideal in the field of education and with all sincerity.









  • A visit to the Orthodox Church at Port Said to offer congratulations on merry Christmas:

Dr. Nabil Farag, the International Lawyer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Port Said Lions Club, headed a delegation of members on 9/1/2019, to extend congratulations to the Coptic brothers on the occasion of the celebration of the “Glorious Christmas”, at the Cathedral Church on July 23 Street.

And he received Anba Tadros Bishop of Port Said Governorate, the delegation while they emphasized that such holidays are great occasions in which the Egyptian people affirm their unity and strength in the cohesion of the citizens of the country and their exchange of celebrations and congratulations on all occasions of all of the country’s citizens.