Nabil farag Law Firm, which is growing steadily over the years, is chooses for their clients specialists in the field of accounting in Egypt who deal mainly with the accounts of offshore corporations to meet the needs of their clients whereas we monitor and supervise them totally. We also manage them on behalf of our clients and for their interests. In this respect, we have a close relationship with many of accounting firms and organizations in Egypt, these firms and organizations are specialists in accounting, who provide our clients and their professional consultants with technical advice on the organization of their international business arrangements through carefully controlled management of corporate and personal structures.

These consultancy firms and organizations in Egypt have an ongoing cooperation with international tax services and its subsidiaries, which are located in key business centers around the world. By adopting a team approach with close personal liaison between offices, these consultancy firms and organizations can ensure that the latest information on tax legislation and company law is available to all clients and recommended strategies can be put into action quickly and effectively in many different countries.

The main activity of these consultancy firms and organizations is auditing accounting, company management, taxation, insolvency, to arrange for the incorporation of Egypt offshore companies and the provision of any type of service and advice regarding their operation. These services include preparation of any contractual arrangements, provision of directors, domiciliation and secretarial services, operation of bank accounts, administration of payroll, income and expenditure, accounting and tax compliance work. In addition, it offers advice on and arranges for the creation of trusts and other holding entities. Personal tax recommendations are also implemented to Ensure protection and security of assets.

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